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Turnkey Online Business Opportunity

A turnkey online business opportunity offers many advantages for the inexperienced person wanting to work from home on the internet, but there are several things you should know before plunging in. Check through this article to see if this is the money making opportunity that you need, and what to watch out for before you buy.

What Does Turnkey Mean?

'Turnkey' just means that the business is ready to go when you buy it. In traditional business terms, a turnkey opportunity is often a franchise. You buy the opportunity to run an outlet for, say, a fast food restaurant chain. They find the premises and put in all the fittings. You just show up on the first day and everything is ready. You receive the keys to open the doors for business.

There are two main types of turnkey online business plans.

1. Turnkey websites

Here you are paying for a website design and programming so that you can go live with your business immediately without having to do any more technical work, at least in principle.

In fact, what is described as a turnkey website is sometimes only a template that you have to edit and upload to your own domain. Some programs offer setup as an additional service; others will give you no help at all, telling you to hire someone if you cannot do it yourself. Still, it is a lot easier than designing a whole website from scratch.

Other times however you will receive a fully completed site uploaded to hosting which you will control and a domain that will be transferred to you on completion of the purchase. Your site may be unique to you or it may one of many that the developer is selling. This is a true turnkey opportunity.

Of course, in order to make money the site has to either sell something or promote other people's products for commission. You can buy ebook store turnkey sites that come stocked with ebooks that people will download from you, you can buy huge websites with shopping carts and links to drop shippers who will send out the goods, or you can buy informational sites that do not sell anything directly but run Google Adsense or similar paid advertising programs. The choice is yours.

2. Turnkey affiliate systems

Here you may be told that you will be given a 'website' but generally you are limited to promoting the products of one company. You may only have a page that is hosted on their site so you cannot change anything on it. They have control.

Many online MLM and network marketing opportunities work this way. For a small fee - or sometimes for free - you are given a site identical to everyone else's except that it bears your name and photo. You will join various programs, paying for some of them, and when people join paid programs under you, you get paid commission.

When looking at turnkey internet offers, be suspicious of anything that is marketed as the opportunity of a lifetime, and anything with a membership where you have to pay a monthly or annual fee. You want to own your site, not rent it.


Whatever type of turnkey business you get into, you will need to bring visitors to your site yourself. This may involve paid advertising, writing interesting articles, hanging out in forums where your target buyers go, or any of the other internet marketing techniques that you can learn about.

There are many billions of websites on the internet and unlike physical stores, they are not organized into streets and cities. Nobody is going to stumble upon your website if you do nothing to promote it. A new website is completely isolated. This is so important, it is worth repeating: there are no roads leading to your brand new website.

People can only visit your site if they see a link to it on another site or on a search engine. Otherwise there is no way anybody will know it exists. You have to be the person who starts putting those links on other sites and getting your site listed in search engine results - or you have to pay an SEO company a lot of money to do it for you.

So keep in mind that with a brand new site you are not going to make any money at all if you sit back and do nothing. A turnkey online business opportunity is just that, an opportunity - a possibility of making money, not a guarantee.