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Paid Surveys - Fact or Fiction?

You must be searching for legitimate ways to make some extra money or you wuoldn't be reading this. You are certainly not alone. The massive spread of the internet along with reductions in other industries means that plenty of people are coming online looking for ways to make a little extra cash to see them through to payday.

This huge demand, together with the anonymity of the internet, means that unfortunately there are some scams out there. It is easy to be swept along with a site that offers you the opportunity to get rich for a small initial fee. Often though, the initial fee turns out not to be so small. The opportunity may be harder to profit from than you expected, or may not even exist at all. When you ask for a refund, there may be no response from the promoter who could be in another country where laws are not so strict.

However, there is nothing new about scams. The internet may expose us to more of them just as it exposes us to more of everything, but bogus money making schemes have been around since money was first invented. One of the best known offline scams was the envelope stuffing scheme. If you see an ad for making money by stuffing envelopes ('just send us a $5 bill') don't do it! You will probably just be told to make money by placing the same ad yourself.

Paid surveys are a money making opportunity that you will often see advertised online. They work because companies are prepared to pay ordinary consumers to fill out surveys of their preferences or purchasing patterns. They may also be paying for your email address. You will usually sign up with a network who will manage the scheme and send you links to online surveys that you can fill out. You earn credits for each survey you complete. After you have a certain number of credits you can convert them to cash.

Most of these schemes are legitimate but you should read the small print to check what you will get paid and how much you need to do before you can withdraw cash. Be careful of schemes where you have to pay to join or buy a list of survey companies. These may be useful, but you will have to work more at first just to make back the money that you spent for the information.

There are schemes that you can join for free. Here you should have nothing to lose except your time so you can try it out and see how much you can make.

Similar schemes may pay you to read email or click on advertisements. These usually earn you tiny amounts - a fraction of a cent for each click. It can add up but don't expect to make big money unless you manage to sign up a lot of people under you. Usually you will earn a small commission on their clicks as well as your own.

Paid survey opportunities are most profitable if you live in the USA. Most of the highest paying companies will only pay to a US bank account or residential address. If you live elsewhere in the English speaking western world (e.g. Canada, UK, Australia) you may be able to find similar opportunities but they usually do not pay so well. If you are in another country you probably will not find anything.

There is a big advantage to looking for home working opportunities online and that is the existence of many internet forums where you can chat to other people who have experience of the different programs that are available. Search for 'work at home forum' or something similar. At these sites you can check out any paid survey opportunities that you are thinking of trying, to make sure that other consumers have had good experiences with them and that they are legitimate work at home jobs.

Here is a good starting list of websites to check out.

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