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How To Earn Money Using A Simple Blog

Looking for a way to earn money online that does not involve start up costs? Try blogging.

Blogging began as a form of online journal for people who wanted to write about themselves, their families, their vacations, hobbies, pets or whatever without going to the trouble and expense of setting up a static website and learning hypertext markup language (HTML). Before blogs were invented, you had to know HTML to build any kind of website.

But with a blog, everything is much easier. You can sign up somewhere like or and they have templates that you can just go ahead and use out of the box. Pick a topic and a name for your blog, choose a template that you like and start writing.

Since you want to earn from your blog rather than just pouring your heart out to the world, you need to do a little thinking before you select your subject. It needs to be something that you are interested in so that you stay motivated, but there also must be related products that people are willing to pay for. Without this, nobody will want to advertise on your blog and you will not make any money.

So you need to find what is called a 'hungry market'. This is a group of people who have a problem, need or desire that can be solved by the information on your blog and the products that will be advertised there. For example, people who want to lose weight; people trying to save their marriage; keen golfers who are desperate to improve their swing.

You need to be sure that your market will be prepared to pay for the solutions that you or your advertisers offer, and not expect to get the information for free. For example people often look online to find the definition of a word they do not know, but they will not pay for that. You also need to be sure that your market has money - the more the better.

Golf is a popular topic for websites and blogs for this reason. Golf is an expensive hobby and golfers are used to spending money on equipment, club membership and information to improve their game. You can probably think of other similar money spinning hobbies.

Your blog will be found by visitors faster if it is very specific or a 'niche'. After you have your broad subject, there are many tools that you can use for keyword research to find words and phrases that people are searching for and which do not have too much competition.

You do not have to worry too much at first about finding products to promote. You can simply sign up with Google Adsense and run their ads on your site. This saves you having to look for individual advertisers. Use the time instead to fill the blog with plenty of posts and build links to it by leaving comments on other relevant blogs, rewriting your blog posts and submitting them as articles to directories, etc.

If you do not like writing you can build a great blog that is based around photos you took, royalty free photos that you download or videos that you can embed from YouTube.

Later you can find products to promote as an affiliate and you will probably find that this is more profitable than Adsense, especially if you have an opt in form on your blog so that you can collect visitors' email addresses and keep on emailing them about the products you are promoting. But all of this takes time. Adsense is a quick and easy option while you are getting started.

Having your own blog on a subject that interests you is a great way to earn money online while having some fun at the same time.

Blogging To The Bank 3 is definitely one of the best books I've ever read when it comes to building a successful blogging niche empire on the Internet. It teaches a very solid and well-prepared step-by-step plan that gives you the exact details on how to profit tremendously through online blogs. This is absolutely a brilliant info-guide and a *must-have* for every blogger! More info here.